Wednesday, 19 March 2014

How Do You Control Anger

But first let us look at some of the causes of anger and impatience.
Why is everyone so impatient and angry lately? It seems that nobody has any tolerance anymore. Just take a look around you. If it isn't road rage, then it is just the general aggressiveness of people around us and it just seems to be getting worse.

Why people are so impatient nowadays is due to the fact that we live in a society of instant gratification. With all the advances in technology, we want everything to work quickly and efficiently and with no problems. The instant results we get from this technology have increased our appetite for instant gratification in other aspects of our lives.

We aren't willing to wait in line for anything. We would rather spend on credit then save up for anything. We don't even have the patience to read an entire article anymore.
Unfortunately, impatience has its downside in more ways than one. It can even cause us harm.
Impatience can cause anger issues. If for instance you were driving behind a slow vehicle, how many people will risk their lives passing, rather than wait until they are absolutely certain that it is safe to do so. Impatient people often make unsafe choices and bad decisions.

A recent study also found that impatience could also lead to obesity. It is far easier to eat fast food than wait for a healthy meal to be cooked.
Impatient people are also very likely to be chronic procrastinators, as they don't have to patience to see a difficult task through to completion. Impatient people are also more likely to abuse alcohol and this can also lead to violence.

Impatience can also lead to the loss of friendships. Impatient people have lost the ability to listen to meaningful conversation. Who wants to chat to somebody who is always in a rush or who taps their foot and looks at their watch when you are trying to talk to them?
So we need to make a conscious effort to work on our patience and anger levels. Take the time to see what triggers your anger. Work out if you are tired or hungry at the time, and then make a conscious effort to be more patient and less angry the next time the situation strikes.

Try to simplify your life. Multitasking does nothing for your stress or patience levels. It is difficult to stay focussed when you have too much on your plate. Beware of time wasting gadgets and hobbies. Try to plan your day in advance, and then try to stick to the plan.
Last but not least, try to be realistic. Don't expect things to always happen as fast as you would wish. Remember you can't always control circumstances. Rather focus on those circumstances that you can control. The reality of life is that it does little good to worry over the things that you can't control.


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