Friday, 7 March 2014

Best 5 Note Taking Apps for Android

So whether you're a school champ or a highly organized business professional, you will need an application that can keep your notes, memos, and other tidbits of information organized. The demand of buying latest gadgets from the market has been increased tremendously as the mobile apps can help you perform your daily tasks in an innovative, convenient, and extremely useful manner. With a huge chunk of apps that can efficiently perform the note-taking tasks, it is very difficult to find a right one that can meet your needs and requirements precisely.
In this article, you will read about the top 5 note-taking apps that can eventually turn your Android device into a full-time planner and record keeper.
1. Evernote
Evernote is a free app that can be easily downloaded from Google Play on your PC connected to the Internet. The main feature of this note-taking app is that it helps you in keeping the record or taking notes of everything to make them available across all the devices you use. The app is designed to keep a user organized, save their ideas and enhance the productivity in a few simple taps or clicks. This app is efficient in taking notes, capturing photos, creating to-do lists, recording voice reminders for occasions, meetings, and other important events. The excellent management feature incorporated within the app lets you search these notes with a single or partial search term. Once installed, you can easily use it when you are at home, at work, or on the go.
Exciting features

Create or edit text notes, to-do lists and task lists

Sync all of your notes across all the PCs and devices you use

Save, sync and share files

Search for text using a search term

Email notes and save tweets

Capture, browse, search, and share Business Notes on/from your Smartphone or tablet.

Share notes via Facebook and Twitter
2. OneNote by Microsoft
Microsoft has again given a new momentum to its potentials and hardships that are engaged in creating a good customer base across all the IT sections. This note-taking app is here to help you while keeping a record of all your thoughts and discoveries. OneNote serves you as your very own digital notebook on which you can easily record your thoughts, important events, ideas, discussions, reminders and many such things. You can capture your immediate reactions, thoughtful ideas and sayings, a list of important things to be done, or the plain old note that you are likely to forget. Owing to your electronic gadget, your notes will now travel with you no matter where you go, or at what time you access.
Exciting features

Sync your digital notebook across computers, peripherals, and devices

Quickly capture photo, audio and other quick notes with Home screen widgets without opening the app

Performs various text related functions such as bold, underline, italicize, increase indent, highlight, decrease indent and format the way you want

Search your notes by typing a keyword or phrase

Easy shopping experience as you can mark items off wherever you are

Click pictures of receipts and bills for future reference
3. Papyrus
Papyrus is one of the renowned note-taking apps that allow you to naturally write on the device screen in your actual handwriting. You can use it just like you write on a paper, but with a much more flexibility convenience. The app takes handwritten notes on your Android device by using an active pen, passive stylus, or even your finger. The application is based on vector graphics engine that keeps your notes neat, organized and presentable even at any zoom level. The app possesses simple and intuitive user interface (UI) that enables a user to take notes quickly and efficiently.
Exciting features

Take notes naturally in your handwriting

Write with your finger or passive stylus

Easily do Undo/redo, select, move, and resize

Cut, copy, and paste support

Two-finger scroll and pinch-to-zoom

Import, crop, and resize you images

Share notes via email, Evernote, and other services
4. Springpad
Introduced with the basic agenda of getting organized and getting inspired, Springpad is an ideal solution for users who have just started using a note-taking app. The app is a free personal organizer that helps you to save and organize tasks, recipes, notes, movies and more. It's easy-to-use interface and less complex features make it a popular choice of beginners. The app gives you full freedom to access or save your notes from anywhere and on any device.
Exciting features

Create notes at home and at work

Share your notes with friends, family and co-workers

Save details, schedules, suggestions and even tickets while travelling to another destination

Save or bookmark videos and articles to view them later

Manage your personal or work to-do lists and set reminder alerts.
5. Simplenote
The award-winning Simplenote is another handy solution to keep notes, manage lists, record ideas, and much more. Its immense integration with cloud computing allows your notes to stay in sync with all of your devices for free. The app is widely accepted for its speed and efficiency that ensure the safe and proper record taking process. All you need to do is open it, write thoughts, save, and you're done. You can search the collection of notes instantly by using a simple search term and keep them organized with tags and pins.
The above mentioned are some of the majorly accepted note-taking apps used by Android users located around the world. Google Keep, Catch notes, Any do, Lecture Notes, Note Anytime, and Write by Stylus Labs are some of the other such apps. Many of you might realize the need of having a special app to take notes, but you will love the comfort once you'll download them and start using it. You will need a computer, Smartphone or a tablet to fulfill your needs related to entertainment, work, information and others, but this app will help to stay organized.


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