Sunday, 9 March 2014

Army Wives Viral Review

And it had a very interesting concept, as it made everyone think twice about a lot of moral issues that we face each day. As for some of the details of the show, we see David at the youth center where things seems to be looking up for him as it is all going good, so far at least.
Because things suddenly change when he gets into an accident with his friend and he starts bleeding. What makes this very dangerous is that he has HIV, which could easily infect someone else if they get in contact with his blood. But thankfully, Rowland who knows all about this was there, and he found out that the other boy, Dustin, had a cut in which some of Davids blood got in, so he decided to rush them to the hospital.

But as soon as they went there, the boys parents, Dustins parents were very awfully rude and impolite towards David Joan and Rowland; they werent justified at all as they were all trying to do the best for their son.
The doctors alongside Rowland start to assure the parents that the possibility of Dustin getting HIV due to his contact with the blood is very low, and that they will do all the needed tests to make sure he is good. And they will keep doing these tests on the course of months to make sure that Dustin is okay.

But nonetheless, the mother doesnt care for all of this, as she isnt hearing any of that the doctors are saying, she started to throw a tantrum and screams loudly that David has HIV and that he could have infected her son, which makes David very embarrassed.
And now onto another scene, as we see Joan going on her popular and successful new website before she goes to school, and she sees that Dustin mothers filing a complaint out of anger and care for her son against David for having HIV, and she said that David HIV should prevent him to be at the Youth Center and that he should be banned.

And she started to warn everyone from playing with him. But of course, Joan takes action towards this nonsense as she isnt going to see what that woman is saying about her son, so she deletes the comments and all what Dustins mother said. But this is not over, as we see Charlie stating that she is getting alto of calls from parents asking if David is going to show in at the Youth Center or no, so Joan and Rowland both took the decision to send David to school and youth camp until all of this cools down a bit.

This is only one of the amazing stories that got presented to us during this episode of Army Wives; all in all it was more than an amazing episode that gave us a lot to think about.


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