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Friday, 28 February 2014

replique montre We know that some memories are for a lifetime

And that's why a newly wed couple starts a lifetime cruise with each other along gifting out diamond Pearl That's something they could cherish for all life,replique montre,like the worship between the two. Diamonds are considered as the costliest stones easily aboard this planet; well,no an longing deny that they are likewise the maximum beautiful ones and last forever.

In fact gifting diamond Pearl can aid one express true adore and innermost feeling without uttering a lonely word. But beside from being gifts, diamonds are something that an aesthetic madam ought buy for herself to accent their charm likewise as a fashion statement.
Diamond Pearl can mainly enhance your watch and increase up your confidence. Diamond jewelry is the hottest a

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Affiliate Marketing Can Help Draw In Business

Using more than one affiliate program to reach the same type of consumer is a terrific way to kick-start your advertising industry. IF you use several affiliate programs dealing with the same product you will have a choice for your customers.

Consider using secret links. You can place effective links right into the content of your webpages in ways that visitors will hardly notice. Use them, by avoid being dishonest about them. Readers appreciate honesty and transparency, so let them know the context of the link.

Be sure to inquire about payment options different affiliate companies use. While certain companies are set up only to send checks when you meet a certain threshold of sales, others will off

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Best Offers for Bling Jewelry Gemstone Pink Coral Flower Leaf Sterling Silver Leverback Earrings

Bling Jewelry Gemstone Pink Coral Flower Leaf Sterling Silver Leverback Earrings

Bling Jewelry Gemstone Pink Coral Flower Leaf Sterling Silver Leverback Earrings

Have some coral with your floral. With a fun blend of color and decor, our flower earrings are definitely warm weather ready. The base of our sterling silver jewelry has an adorable cutout design that shows off detailed leaves and flowers, while the centerpiece is an oval piece of coral that comes in a beautiful salmon pink shade. Perfect for pairing with your favorite sundresses or shorts, this lightweight flower jewelry is easy to wear and easy to style. Plus, these make perfect birthday gifts for those summer birthday girls, and perfect Mothers Day gifts to give Mom for her to wear in springtime. Think pink and get this coral jewelry in time for those sunny days.

List Price : $91.99 Price : $44.99

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Floral Coral Leverback Earrings
Sterling Silver
1.5 Inches Long
Weighs 4.6 Grams

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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Know The History Of Viral And Its Uses

The main idea behind viral processing is to stop the viruses in a given sample from infecting the desired product. The two most widely used methods of viral processing are viral removal and viral inactivation. The former is a method in which all viruses are simply removed from the sample completely.

Viral Change is an innovative and highly effective approach to managing change in organizations. Essentially, a small set of non negotiable behaviors are defined and a process to encourage and spread these behaviors is adopted. These behaviors are imitated, endorsed by a small network of people, and this spreads new ways of doing things, quickly and effectively.

Its strength lies in peer to peer networks, supported by dialogue and conversation, to create sustainable cultural changes and spread an internal infection of success. Viral Change is closer to infection of ideas or behaviors than to the traditional rational appeal and cascaded down initiatives of change.

Viral Change is an innovative and highly effective approach to managing change in organizations. Its strength lies in peer to peer networks, supported by dialogue and conversation, to create sustainable cultural changes and spread an internal infection of success. It is a small set of non negotiable behaviors are defined and a process to encourage and spread these behaviors is adopted, these type of behaviors is imitated endorsed by a small network of people, and spread new ways of doing things, quickly and effectively.

The Study of viruses is called as virology. A virus is defined from the Latin. Virus meaning is toxin or poison. Viruses infect all cellular life. This is a sub microscopic infectious agent whom is unable to grow or reproduce outside a host cell. Now a days more than 5,000 virus have been described.

Being viral means that some or more posts from your blog become very popular in very short time. They spread like virus, hence the name viral. Your posts can become viral with help from social networks like and lately increasingly popular Stumble upon.

The Viral Article Publisher is an invaluable software solution, which is extremely easy to use and which saves you from having to submit articles manually to all of the top free article sites though it does contain that option in case you want to hand submit an article to one or a few select sites.

Those objects or patterns able to replicate themselves or convert other objects into copies of them when these objects are exposed to them are known as Viral Phenomena. An object, even a non-material object, is considered to be viral when it has the ability to spread copies of itself or change other similar objects to become more like it when those objects are simply exposed to the viral object.

These objects are known as viral objects. This has become a common way to describe how thoughts, information and trends move into and through a human population. The concepts of other than a biological virus, being viral came into vogue just after the Internet became widely popular in the year 1900s.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Latest Deal for Tru-Spec Tru T Shirt All-Ter Digital Short Sleeve, L 4379005

Tru-Spec Tru T Shirt All-Ter Digital Short Sleeve, L 4379005

Tru-Spec Tru T Shirt All-Ter Digital Short Sleeve, L 4379005

Tru-Spec Tru T Shirt All-Ter Digital Short Sleeve, L 4379005

List Price : $11.95 Price : $15.19

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Minimum shrinkage
Color fastness for longer wear
Full cut body

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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Latest Deal for Bling Jewelry Emerald Color Oval Celtic Knotwork Dangle Earrings 925 Silver

Bling Jewelry Emerald Color Oval Celtic Knotwork Dangle Earrings 925 Silver

Bling Jewelry Emerald Color Oval Celtic Knotwork Dangle Earrings 925 Silver

A classic Celtic design can be yours with our .925 sterling silver green emerald color glass pair of knotwork dangle earrings. Similar designs exist in both Norse culture and in Chinese culture too. Claddagh jewelry and its beautiful symbols have fascinated people for centuries and this pair is no exception. Claddagh earrings are a classic look and these beautiful dangle earrings are light, comfortable and delicately detailed. Consider this Celtic jewelry for yourself, as a treat for a friend with a May birthday, or a loved one and show your romantic side and your fabulous good taste. Order a pair today.

List Price : $81.99 Price : $39.99

Here is why i think all of you should buy Bling Jewelry Emerald Color Oval Celtic Knotwork Dangle Earrings 925 Silver

Emerald Color
Celtic Knots
Dangle Earrings
Green Glass
.925 Sterling Silver

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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Cooking Food Suggestions Anybody Can Use To Improve

To help you to peel off boiled ovum, operate them below cold normal water immediately after getting rid of from their website the cooktop. Once they are awesome sufficient to effect, faucet them gently to break into and roll on a countertop. Once you begin cracking and have an opening up within the casing, work this below frosty water and you will probably discover the rest of the shell will remove with all the greatest of simplicity!

For wonderful home made dark chocolate chip pastries, will not put each of the chocolate morsels in the mix! Conserve in regards to a quarter of the your dish requires until finally after the biscuits are established in the cooking food page, then add them uniformly to the tops in the money declines to generate bakery searching, excellent dark chocolate scratch cupcakes!

Many people typically use apples for cooking issues in the wintertime and tumble several weeks, but a number of people retailer them improperly and they spoil rapidly. Apples will likely be ruined should they be kept in a hot place, ensure you retailer them in the fridge or in an excellent spot. Cull awful apples from your bag in order to avoid rotting much more of them.

Beans stored for a longer length of time have to be checked out for bug damage or mildew. As an alternative to aesthetically looking at each and every coffee bean put them in a dish of cold water. Just use those sinking to the bottom as these hovering are either have problems with insect damage or fungus.

Make sure you ready your dishes the night well before. Generate marinades and enable your beef to stay in the family fridge right away. By undertaking most of the preparation the night time before, you make a delightful flavorful dinner. You additionally reduced the amount of tension when coming up with the food prior to your friends and family get there.

Save your butter and margarine wrappers to utilize when cooking. The wax tart papers that butter and margarine is wrapped in just is actually the ideal dimensions for greasing cookware or rubbing on to a potato just before popping it within the stove for preparing. Preserve wrappers butter-area to butter-area within a closed safe-keeping pot, so that it keeps new for the preparing needs.

When you wish to produce a broth using supply, comply with this hint. Make sure to make a large amount of stock, fill it in the plastic-type bag, and place it in the freezer. This will allow you to rapidly make soups without notice to by simply thawing the currently made stock.

As you now have study these great cooking food ideas, you may go into the cooking area equipped with the information that whatever meal you prepare food, you will make an impression on your friends, family members, and friends the way you wish to! So, head over to the kitchen and obtain cracking.

Reviews for Bling Jewelry Red Garnet Heart Celtic Claddagh Dangle Earrings Sterling Silver

Bling Jewelry Red Garnet Heart Celtic Claddagh Dangle Earrings Sterling Silver

Bling Jewelry Red Garnet Heart Celtic Claddagh Dangle Earrings Sterling Silver

Become a trendsetter when you weare our mystic Silver Garnet Heart Celtic Knots Claddagh Dangle Earrings, which show the ancient Celtic tradition of making stunning culturally significant jewelry. Finely crafted by sparkling .925 sterling silver, these lovely yet inexpensive claddagh earrings have an trendy Celtic knot design, and a genuine garnet heart shape gemstone that will make you look divine. The heart, hands and crown are used to symbolize loyalty, love and friendship, and make a remarkable claddagh jewelry piece that goes with any outfit in your wardrobe. These pair of stunning yet affordable garnet earrings are also the perfect gift for those born in the month of January, for Valentines day, or for anyone on your holiday gift list.

List Price : $53.99 Price : $25.99

List below is why i think all of you should buy Bling Jewelry Red Garnet Heart Celtic Claddagh Dangle Earrings Sterling Silver

Irish Claddagh style
1in L x .65 W
garnet gemstone
.925 Sterling silver
Total Weight 3.6 grams

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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Top 500 companies in India

It is an online research and consultancy website,which provides best answer for top companies query in India.List of top companies in India based on CEO,HR.

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Wooden Jewelry The New Name In Fashion

Yo've dreamt about it all of our life and now the wedding dy is prctically here. ost f the wedding lans are falling into place and enjoyment is unquestionably building. The date have been set asde by every important person in your life to be with you on your own big day and you could not be muh more excited. Today, time has come for you to determine ow far better dress each of the members f the marrig party, but there are a great number of choices from which to elect that you'r uncertain wher to begin. Take a deep breath and review these tips about how to look for a bridesmaid dress.

Missoni's trends will always be an individual favorite of mine. Their cllection is focused on designs, which include so much more zing to the trousers. Their slim fit slacks develop from a variet of shades ranging from pallets of blue, maroon, nd orange. Mufflers and hats incoporate excellent contrast to the flahy reduces. They have tresed a lot on layer thi season and i, consequently, the sngle most essential lement of their series.

8) Location of wedding lso matters most. Like if it's planning to be a trditional church edding, then must use formal or semi-formal dress. Whethe it's an outdoor r outside edding, informal is the best alternative.

Shade Clothing provides informal and professional-style tops, including a vintge cap sleeve and trap camisole. They've knee length pants, capris and knee length to floor length skirts that will omplement nearly every top. Their swim line contains tankinis and in ddition they sell swim dresses whic may be worn over any swim suit fr addtional insrance. They offer a couple of stylish dresse and alo a maternity point! Colors ite offers style manual with sweet wardrobe ideas made up of items frm teir collection.

Addititionall ther is the ubiquitous Nokia Maps that became a runaway hit in markets like India and South Asia. Noka Routes was one of the first suc purposes in South As that helped the sed towards smaller devices, be they phones, handhelds or latr drugs. It is also the initial aplication that helped eople in a genuine time way. In India, in mst sites, beginners would likely hv ifficulties obtaining irections and Noki Maps was a terrific help.

One other commn development of the American Fashion Geek business wll be the male cardigan. Cardigns will always be a lasting aparel item for girls but attahed with cardigan, is really a label that it is an unisxual costume. In merc, male cardigans got a developer rebirth and they hae become the hottest fashion itm for guys in 2013. Male cardigans aren't new for Americans as they were worn by many renowned people in the twentieth century. These pesonalities includes merican comedian Bill Crosby, British T.V comedian and T.V prsenter Simon Amstel, children's bok writer Mr. oald Dahl and never to your investment rock-sta Kurt Cobain. The guys' cardigans are used by bth exes for long tme now.

Crate a natural headwrap by parting the hair in the midle, reating two tiny raids and obtaining them loosely in the trunk. Or for a vintage look, secure the bottom of the bun with a braid. Or if you choose conjuring up the pctures f the Renaissance-Er, consider the fashion which beautifully blends the soft beauty of free-flowing hair wit all the tight control of a French-Braid.

Clor wise, you may wnt to consider the light colors, being that this may be the perfect dres fr outside weddings you will ant your tea length wedding ress to function as the center of attention, and nothing besids you and the color of the drss will hav this effect. For summer time or spring days that you want to get married, something in orange or green are aailabl, but if you ae a darker tone supporter, you may also get the darker shades to crete this costume right for yo.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Just What is Viral Marketing

After all, viruses that invade your computer can be a decidedly bad thing and we are always being warned to look out for them. Of course, viruses that infect the human body are rarely seen as a good thing. However, viral marketing can be a good thing if it is used correctly.

Viral marketing was given that name because it can exponentially increase, much like a real virus does, the number of times that your message is seen. It really is nothing more that a way to get others to distribute your information for you. If every person who sees your message sends it along to others and they in turn send it on to others, very soon your information has flooded the internet with very little work on your part.

So how do you accomplish such a feat? By understanding human nature. People love free things and will pass the information about them on to their friends and colleagues, but only if it requires no effort on their part. It works best if people aren't really even aware that they are passing on your information.
Perhaps the best example is They offered free e-mail. Everyone who signed up for e-mail accounts with them sent an advertisement for Hotmail every time they sent an e-mail. If they had been asked to tell their friends about Hotmail, the strategy would quite likely have failed.

Instead the information was sent out every time the Hotmail e-mail was used with no additional effort on the part of the user or Hotmail's management.
So, What is viral marketing? It is a method of getting information out and it can be a great asset to you business. Offer a product or service that people truly want. Make it easy to pass that information along, if possible without any additional effort. Then sit back and watch your numbers grow.

Stunning Styles The Indian native Bride Dreams of

Shringar Patti? Employed as a head gear, is genuinely a should for any Hindu marriage. This type of Shringar Patti employs the middle rupture of the hairline. Some sort of round plaque with the middle and it uses the hairline merely to fall on the forehead. The back plate makes the particular piece of jewellery beautiful, since these are obtainable in various patterns, adorned along with stones and is particularly colourful. Bridal Fixed Go to almost any jewellers and inquire them regarding bridal jewellery styles and what the simple truth is can be a completely array of traditional layouts that is established much totally different to what would be the norm normal items of jewellery. Bridal pieces are weightier, a great deal of craftsmanship concerned and hefty. The fixed generally has earrings, pendant, finger engagement ring and a bracelets. Chudi? Often known as bracelets, you could tend to use them either with glass or gold, or perhaps blend of the two. The majority of Punjabi weddings in addition have ivory bangles in colors regarding white and red. Natth Called the nostril ring, adidas roundhouse mid is a must for every Maharashtrian wedding party, very low few precious stones set on it and also carries a cycle you can affix to flowing hair. You may choose that piece of jewelry to boost your current bridal set for the unique and various look.

Payal The particular anklet has been doing for hundreds of years, infact the idea even represents the particular Indian feminine contact. You could possibly buy them in silver or if you want to splurge, gold is the best most suitable option. You could possibly pick from beads or maybe stone embellished anklets that happen to be created using meenakari or kundan do the job. Baaju Bandd? Also called a arm group, it definitely adds luxury to your engagement outfit and whole jewellery placed. The good thing about an enormous choice inside bridal jewellery is that you simply can mix-n-match jewellery types from different claims to brighten up your bridesmaid jewellery series.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

How to Be Viral Without Viral Marketing

But what is different is that Apple's marketing doesn't have to be clever or utterly creative. In fact, it is stunningly not so. No major social media campaign needed to be sparked, no user-generated content contest needed to be held. And while the ongoing tongue-in-cheek anti-Microsoft ads are undeniably cute, they are not really an advertising revelation. Gone are the days of the bold "1984" campaigns.

Today, Apple has earned enough attention to forgo any ostentatious marketing, in fact, so much that a cleverly orchestrated campaign would distract from the brand rather than boosting it. The company simply displays its products - that's all it takes. Apple's products are viral without any viral marketing.

Viral and spreadable'
Before digging more into this, let's pause for a moment to examine the term viral,' which has come under scrutiny recently, not for the first time but more critically, since transmedia augur Henry Jenkins, in ever-so-dramatic fashion, "declared war on viral media." Jenkins wrote: "Until marketers understand the consumer's active agency and the social mechanisms shaping their circulation of content, they are doomed to insult and alienate the very people they are hoping to attract." Jenkins suggests we replace viral media' - and, by extension, viral marketing' as the discipline that produces viral media' - with the new term spreadable,' arguing that this would more accurately reflect the consumer's agency and the dynamics of content-sharing.

Fair enough, yet Jenkins, in his academic fervor, underestimates practitioners. They know the social mechanisms of sharing all too well and are perfectly capable of distinguishing between the built-in contagious distribution of a product and the spreading of cultural memes as content that accumulates meaning as it is passed on. They are not one and the same, but innovative cheap gucci handbags marketers use both notions and the outcome is similar, which is why, for the sake of simplicity, I will stick with the catch-all viral' in this post.

Advocacy and amplification
But back to Apple and the relationship between product and marketing innovation. At the Marketing 2.0 conference in Paris this spring, I had the pleasure of hearing Steve Knox from Tremor, Procter & Gamble's word-of-mouth marketing arm, illustrate the underlying cognitive principles of viral marketing.
In his view, there are two dimensions that matter: advocacy and amplification. If you have a strong brand advocate (a passionate user) but lack the appropriate channels to amplify his/her evangelism, you won't have much of a viral effect. You are stuck with early adopters, derived from sociologist Everett Rogers's "diffusion of innovations" theory and so perfectly portrayed by Rob Walker in his New York Times Magazine column, but without critical mass they will not convert into mainstream success.

On the other hand, if you muster strong amplification, yet for a product without vocal advocates, you will fall into the over-amplification trap: Awareness of the product will quickly dissipate or, worse, the over-exposure might backfire and inadvertently shed light on the product's flaws as the gap between visibility and user advocacy will create a suspicious gap just waiting for the blood-sucking blogosphere to be exploited.
Simply put: If you generate a lot of talk, but there's nothing to really talk about, you may end up with a lot of chatter, but no true social conversation - and thus no viral, no networked distribution.

Disruption and transcendence
So what makes a product worth talking about? Fox's theory is intriguing: he points to two main principles of viral effects that emulate cognitive models. First, the product needs to disrupt a cognitive schema, a mental model that the mind produces to consolidate divergent information into one convergent worldview.
We're lazy and fearful creatures, easily intimidated and overwhelmed, so cognitive schemata help us make sense of the world around us by simplifying it into templates. They allow us to take shortcuts in interpreting a vast amount of information. Here's an cheap coach handbags example: A plane in the air matches our mental model of a plane but a plane on the Hudson River presents a stark violation to our cognitive schema of a plane.

It will therefore create much more attention than the routine plane picture we're used to. It is - in other words - disruptive.

Online Relaxation Music Tracks

These benefits can be enjoyed on a daily basis for as long as you have the necessary gadgets to listen to the relaxation music. Your laptop with its speakers as well as your iPod will prove useful in this regard so we suggest downloading the online relaxation music tracks to these devices for easy access anytime, anywhere.

One of the best relaxation music is the Gayatri mantra music. It is a revered mantra used in several Vedic sects mainly because of its power to facilitate a deep meditative state, a sense of oneness with the universe, and a strong sense of personal tranquillity. The mantra has even been featured as an opening theme song of a popular television series, the 2004 Battlestar Galactica.

The most important aspects about Hindi bhajan songs are in their praise of God, in their use as an expression of fervent religious devotion, and in their ability to unite communities in solidarity toward spiritual enlightenment. The function is more important than the form, indeed. Many bhajans of Indian singer like Anuradha paudwal bhajans are mainly focused on God devotion and spirituality.

When can you use relaxation music? Just about any place and time that you simply must have a relaxed mind and body lest you lose your grip on life including your sanity! Think of listening to Gayatri mantra music when workplace pressures become too much to bear, when personal relationships threaten to get the best of your life, and when your world seems too difficult in your eyes, to name a few.

Just turn on your desired online relaxation music tracks, listen to it for a few minutes and let the music take you to another world, one where your body, mind and soul are relaxed and soothed.

The most notable of the classical Hindi bhajan songs come from Kabir, Mirabai and Surdas and todays famous bhajan singer like vikram hazra bhajans. Even those who do not speak Hindi enjoy listening to their music. It is the strongest proof that, indeed, we are all united in one main purpose in life - to praise God and be united with Him.

It must be emphasized that the physical and mental health benefits of relaxation music has been proven time and time again by science. A few of the most important benefits are:

Stress reduction because relaxation music alters the brainwaves

Deeper meditation

Better yoga experience

Faster emotional healing

Better sleep and rest

Improved eating habits

Calmer disposition

Indeed, online relaxation music tracks are not just any pop tracks. These are effective tools in making you feel healthier in mind, body and soul - and that is more than can be said for any genre of music.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Best Offers for MLB Texas Rangers Classic Two Seamer Bracelet

MLB Texas Rangers Classic Two Seamer Bracelet

MLB Texas Rangers Classic Two Seamer Bracelet

Show off your favorite Major League Baseball team by wearing this stylish, officially licensed baseball bracelet from GameWear. Each bracelet is made from genuine baseball leather and real baseball stitches, and is adorned with your favorite team's logo and colors. Bracelets are one-size-fits-all and have a unique elastic baseball bead closure.

List Price : $19.99 Price : $12.56

Below is why i think all of you should buy MLB Texas Rangers Classic Two Seamer Bracelet

Bracelets are made of genuine baseball leather
Officially licensed by Major League Baseball
Contains official team logo
wear the game

Special for our fellow USA citizen, get big discount and fast USA shipping for MLB Texas Rangers Classic Two Seamer Bracelet this month.

Search Result :

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Top Ten Jewelry Pieces in Moviedom

List subject to change.
See all 11 photos Natalie Portman as Anne Boleyn in The Other Boleyn Girl Number 10The Boleyn "B" from The Other Boleyn GirlIn The Other Boleyn Girl, formally disgraced Anne Boleyn (Natalie Portman) returns to England from France donning a golden "B" necklace. She is supposed to to be their to keep King Henrys mind on her Sister Mary however the ambitious Anne has other designs.
The Boleyn B necklace is an iconic part of Anne Boleyns look. In addition to the Gold B, it has teardrop pearl beads that hang off of it and is strung with rondelle pearls.
The Boleyn B Necklace is not only a symbol for Anne and the Boleyns but also represents her boldness.
Anne's NecklaceAnne Boleyn (Ugly Betty) 16" Pearl Choker Necklace - Authentic Replica Buy Now See all 11 photos Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara Number 9Gone with the Wind Cameo BroochGone with the Wind is one of the most lasting movie ever. Made over seventy years its still popular with movie-lovers today. As the movie ends, Rhett Butler (Clark Gable) leaves Scarlett O'Hara (Vivien Leigh) and he utters the most famous movie line ever. During the ending, Scarlett, who is in mourning, wears a magnificent oversized brooch. In classic Victorian mourning fashion, its a cameo. However unlike most cameo brooches instead of a profile its a figure riding a bird. It has a gold setting.
This brooch was not made for the film, it was actually own by Walter Plunketts Mother. Plunkett was the costume designer for Gone with the Wind.
Oversize Cameo Brooches plus bonusAntiquities Couture Grecian Muses Collector's Cameo Brooch Buy Now Scarlett's Fire Pendant Necklace: Gone With The Wind Replica Design by The Bradford Exchange Buy Now See all 11 photos Twilight Ring Number 8Twilight Engagment RingIn the third movie of the Twilight Saga, Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) is given a precious family treasure from her fiancee Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) as an engagement ring. The Ring is based on Victorian designs. It is a long oval setting with rows of round stones. The band is narrow.
Stephanie Meyer and Infinite Jewelry Co collaborated to bring this ring to life.
See all 11 photos Noah Hathaway as Atreyu from The NeverEnding Story Number 7AURYN from The NeverEnding StoryThe AURYN in the NeverEnding Story is a symbol of the Child-like Empress (Tami Stronach) the ruler of Fantasia. It has the power to grant any wish of the wearer but only with the permission of the Empress.
AURYN is composed of a silver and a gold snake entwining to form an ouroboros. This is the symbol for infinity
AURYNAURYN Never Ending Story Tailsman Serpant Amulet Necklace Pendant Buy Now AURYN on eBay The Never Ending Story Steampunk two snake Auryn necklace
Buy Now The Mockingjay Pin from The Hunger Games Number 6The Mockingjay Pin from The Hunger GamesThe Mockingjay pin is a powerful symbol in the The Hunger Games . It is a symbol of Katniss Everdeens (Jennifer Lawrence) home district and a symbol of rebellion.
The Mockingjay pins design emulates Katniss as she is both tough and beautiful at the same time. The Mockingjay pin is a casted pin that focuses on a bird, the mockingjay, holding an arrow.
The movie version of the pin is made from sterling silver that was plated in 22 karat gold and then given an antique finished.
The Mockingjay PinNECA The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Mockingjay Pin Prop Replica Buy Now See all 11 photos Wei Tang as Wong Chia Chi from Lust, Caution Number 5The Colored Ring From Lust, CautionLust, Caution (Se, jie) Wong Chia Chi (Wei Tang) os sent to seduce the head of the secret police Mr. Yee (Tony Leung) during the Sino-Japanese war. Her primary goal is to set up his death and to do that she needs him to drop his guard. However when he gives her a ring to show his affection for her anything changes and she can't bring herself to conclude her mission.
The ring he gives her is a 6.1 carat pink diamond that has two halos for a setting. A Halo setting is when a gem has a circle of diamond around it to give the stone the impression of being bigger. The Ring was Design by Cartier.
To indicate this ring impact of the film the title of Lust, Caution in Chinese, Se, jie is a homonym that means "Colored Ring."
Sterling Silver Pink and White CZ Ring In Size 5 Buy Now .81CT Pave Halo Diamond Ring 14K White Gold Buy Now See all 11 photos The Pirate Medallion from The Pirates of the Caribbean Number 4The Pirate Medallion from The Pirates of the Caribbean The Pirate Medallion from The Pirates of the Caribbean is actually a Aztec gold. According to the legend the Aztec put a curse of the coins that makes the people who removed the coins from the chest turn into the living dead. To return to living the coins must all be returned with a blood offering. The Medallion is a central prop in the film as it is the last coin to be returned to the chest thus is critical to the pirates of the Black Pearl who are all cursed.
The Medallion ha a skull in the center and it based off actual Aztec gold coins. It was cast in bronze and plated in gold.
The Pirate Medallion3" Fantasy Pirate Medallion Skull Necklace Knife Blade Buy Now See all 11 photos Nicole Kidman as Satine & Richard Roxburgh as Duke Monroth with the Diamond Necklace from Moulin Rouge Number 3The Diamond Necklace from Moulin RougeIn Moulin Rouge, Satine (Nicole Kidman), a beautiful courtesan, is presented with a lavish diamond necklace by the rich yet possessive Duke Monroth (Richard Roxburgh). In taking the necklace she would have to give up her love, Christian (Ewan McGregor) who is a poor writer.
This necklace is most expensive piece of jewelry ever made for a movie. It has 1,308 diamonds and it weighs 134 carats overall. It was designed by Stefano Canturi and it was based on the garland necklaces designs which were a popular style of necklaces in the late Victorian period.
Victorian Style NecklacesStunning Bridal Beaded Choker (Silver Tone Metal) Buy Now White Bridal Beaded Choker Buy Now See all 11 photos The EvenStar from The Lord of the Rings Number 2The EvenStar from The Lord of the RingsThe Evenstar from The Lord of the Rings is a necklace Elven necklace owned by Arwen Undomeil (Liv Tyler). She gives it to her human lover, Aragon (Viggo Mortensen) as a reminder of their love. It is also a symbol of Arwen's immortality
The EvenStar pendant was made for the movie but was based on a necklace Arwen wore in the books. It was designed by Ngila Dickinson who designed the costumes from The Lord of the Rings. Like most of the design for the Elves, the EvenStar has an Art Nouveau style that in very organic is tone.
The EvenStarArwen Evenstar Pendant - Lord of the Rings Buy Now See all 11 photos Kate Winslet as Rose DeWitt Bukater from Titanic Number 1The Heart of the Ocean from TitanicThe Heart of the Ocean (La Coeur de la Mer) from Titanic is a pivotal prop to the film and adds a bit of mysterious to the narrative. Its also a big part of the memorable drawing scene. According the film this diamond was part of Louis XVIs crown jewels. It was cut into a Heart shaped diamond after the French Revolution. Steel tycoon, Caledon Hockley (Billy Zane) acquires the necklace and gives it to his fiancee Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet) to shows her his affections for her.
Blue diamonds and the Titanic have a long history together. The 1943 film based on Titanic also featured a Blue Diamond. Also 2nd class passenger Kate Florence Phillips wore a Diamond and Sapphire necklace given to her by her fiancee who died on Titanic.
The Heart of the Ocean was made using a blue cubic zirconium set it in white gold. It was created by London jewelers Asprey & Garrad. It inspired by the Hope Diamond which was famously owned by Louis XIV.
The Heart of the OceanFancy LARGE Bermuda Blue Austrian Crystal Titanic Heart of the Ocean Pendant Necklace Elegant Trendy Fashion Jewelry Buy Now Movie Jewelry Poll See all 11 photos The Colored Ring from Lust, Caution Which Piece of Movie Jewelry on this len is your Favorite
The Heart of the Ocean, Titanic

The Evening Star, The Lord of the Rings

The Diamond Necklace, Moulin Rouge

The Pirate Medallion, The Pirates of the Caribbean

The Colored Ring, Lust Caution

The Mockingjay Pin, The Hunger Games

The AURYN, The NeverEnding Story

The Engagement Ring, Twilight

The Cameo Brooch, Gone with the Wind

The Boleyn B, The Other Boleyn Girl

I love them all
See results without votingStyle PollWhich of the Pieces of Jewelry would you want to wear?
The Heart of the Ocean

The Evening Star

The Garland Diamond Necklace

The Pirate Medallion

The Colored Diamond Ring

The Mockingjay Pin


Bella's Engagement Ring

Scarlett's Oversize Cameo Brooch

The Boleyn "B"

I can't decide
See results without votingQuick Quiz
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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Kumpulan Kata Kata Indah Ucapan Bulan Ramadhan

Marhaban Yaa..Ramadhan selamat datang bulan ramadhan bulan yang penuh rahmat dan ampunan dari ALLOH .S.W.T yang mungkin kita semua tidak mersakan betapa cepatnya waktu satu tahun begitu berlalu sehingga kita berjumpa lagi dengan bulan puasa seberapa banyak amal soleh kah yang kita kerjakan antara ramadhan yang lalu dan ramadhan yang akan kita sambut bersama nah disinilah kita harus benar benar men evaluasi diri kita semua agar senantiasa arti daripada bulan ramadhan itu sangat melekat dalam kehidupan kita.

Nah,untuk lebih menghangatkan suasana bulan ramadhan itu tiada salahnya saya akan membuat Kata Kata Indah Bulan Ramadhan sebagai bentuk kecintaan kita pada nilai bulan tersebut dan mungkin dapat di aplikasikan olah para pengunjung blog ini lewat sms untuk orang orang tercinta sehingga terkesan indah bagi penerimanya dan yang lebih penting lagi lewat kata kata ini bisa memberikan motivasi kita semua dalam menyambut dan menjalankan bulan puasa itu 

Berikut Kumpulan SMS Kata-Kata Bulan Ramadhan Terbaru :

Marhaban ya Ramadhan,
semoga bulan ini penuh BBM (Bulan Barokah dan Maghfirah)
mari kita PREMIUM (Pre Makan dan Minum)
serta SOLAR (Sholat Lebih Rajin ), dan
MINYAK TANAH (Meningkatkan Iman dan Banyak Tahan Nafsu Amarah)
serta PERTAMAX (Perangi Tabiat Maksiat)
Selamat menjalankan Ibada Puasa........
marhaban ya ramadhan….

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan...telah terbuka gerbang Rajab
terbentang jalan Sya'ban mari kita bersiap menanti hamparan taman Ramadhan
selamat melangkah untuk memasuki bulan yang penuh ujian dan berkah ini
semoga kita berhasil memenangkannya,,,,Selamat Berpuasa.

Andai semua HARTA adalah RACUN, maka ZAKATlah penawarnya. Jika seluruh UMUR adalah DOSA maka TAQWA & TOBAT obatnya, jika semua BULAN adalah NODA maka RAMADHAN adalah pembersihnya, marhaban ya ramadhan.

1 tahun tak terasa Ramadhan pun telah kembali mendatangi kita
Semoga yang dilalui dan dilakukan Menjadikan kebaikan di bulan suci ini
Marhaban yaa Ramadhan, Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa.

Hati yang terluka mungkin masih membekas, semoga di bulan suci ramadhan ini dapat di maafkan, selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa.
Maafin yee.. di bulan puasa ini , and satu pesen gw puasanya jangan bolong-bolong yahh..marhaban ya ramadhan.

Sebelum lidah keluh, sebelum hati kembali membeku, sebelum jempol kaku & sulit hanya untuk sekedar minta maaf lewat sms & sebelum semua operator sibuk..MOHON Maaf atas semua khilaf yg ku lakuin. Maafin yach !

Marhaban ya ramadhan..bln suci kembali tiba..saat tepat menyucikan diri dari segala dosa..tanpa basa basi mhn dimaafkan segala kesalahan.

Setetes Embun di Pagi hari
Jatuh di atas Bunga Melati
Inilah waktunya untuk perbaiki diri
Di Bulan yang suci ini
Selamat menjalankan Ibadah Puasa, semoga kita semua bisa diberkahi oleh Bulan yang mahrifah ini..Amiin..

Ramadhan adalah pembuktian cinta, pada setiap ruang dan waktu yang berpuluh-puluh berlipat ganda, Ketundukan adalah cinta, Kebajikan adalah cinta, Derma adalah cinta, dan menata hidup lebih dewasa adalah cinta. Ramadhan, saat memberi makna istimewa pada cinta kita. KIta telah bersama dalam ukhuwah semoga kelak kita dipertemukan oleh-Nya dalam ukhuwah pula, amin. Maaf untuk semua kesalahan.

Tiada kemenangan tanpa dzikrullah
Tiada amal tanpa keikhlasan
tiada ampunan tanpa  maaf dari sesama
mohon maaf....ya.
marhaban ya ramadhan.

Kumpulan Nama Bayi Laki Laki Islami Modern Lengkap Dengan Artinya

Memiliki seorang anak merupakan anugerah sekaligus kepercayaan yang diberikan Sang Maha Pencipta kepada pasangan suami istri,dimana memiliki anak merupakan pelengkap dalam keluarga yang dapat menghadirkan dinamisasi dan keharmonisan dalam keluarga tersebut.
Memberikan nama pada buah hati merupakan tanggung jawab yang pertama bagi orang tua karena nama merupakan identitas yang sangat penting dan dalam agama pun nama itu adalah sebuah doa yang harus mempunyai makna dan arti yang baik,tapi selain harus mempunyai makna dan arti yang baik memberikan nama harusla enak didengar di ucapkan.
Untuk itu disini kami coba berikan Nama Nama Bayi Islami Laki Laki Modern yang Insha Alloh memiliki makna dan arti yang baik dan juga enak didengar dan dilisankan dan juga tidak ketinggalan jaman.hehehe
Berikut Kumpulan Nama Nama Bayi Islami Laki Laki Modern yang lengkap dengan artinya:

1. ABBAD NAILUN NABHAN : Laki-laki yang tekun beribadah dan mendapatkan kemuliaan

2. ABDAN KHAIRI TSABIT : Seorang hamba yang selalu konsisten berbuat kebaikan

3. ABDAN NU`MAN WAFIE : Seorang hamba yang memiliki kenikmatan yang sempurna

4. ABDAN RAJA SYADID : Seorang hamba yang memiliki harapan yang kuat

5. ABDU ARIQIN HALIM : Seorang hamba yang berbudi baik dan lembut

6. ABDUH HUBBU SYARIF : Hamba Allah yang mencintai kemuliaan

7. ABDUL LATIF ABBASY : Hamba Allah yang lembut dan rajin berusaha

8. ABDUL WAHAB KHALAF : Anak laki-laki yang baik sebagai hamba Allah Yang Maha Memberi

9. ABDULLAH ANWAR RABBANI : Hamba Allah yang memancarkan cahaya ketuhanan

10. ABU DZAR AL-GHIFARI :  : Anak laki-laki yang selalu memaafkan bagaikan debu yang beterbangan

1 .BAHIR SHIRAJ ADDIEN : Pelita agama yang bersinar terang

2. BAHRIE AHSAN ASSHOBAR : Lautan keindahan dalam bersabar

3. BAHRU AYAD ASSYAKUR : Lautan kenikmatan dalam bersyukur

4. BAHTIAR JEFRY HUSNI : Tanah perdamaian yang kaya dan indah

5. BAIT AL-QARIS QURRATAAIN : Rumah yang sangat sejuk dan sedap dipandang mata

6. BAKRIE MUNIR JAUHAR : Permata yang bersinar di pagi hari
7. BANI KHAFID : Keturunan laki-laki penghafal Al-Qur`an

8. BANU MIBRAS NAUFAL : Putra pemberani dan dermawan

9. BARIE GHANDUR HABIBULLAH : Pemuda tampan dan cerdas kekasih Allah

10. BARIQ KHALAF MAHDY : Anak yang baik yang mendapat hidayah dan cahaya

1. DAFFA IBNU HAFIDZ : Anak laki-laki yang memelihara sesuatu dan memiliki pertahanan diri

2. DAHLAN ZAINUL ARIFIN : Orang yang baik, bijaksana dan memiliki kelebihan

3. DAI RIJAL EL-RAFIF : Anak laki-laki pejuang dakwah yang berakhlak baik

4. DANY FAYYADHI ZHAFAR : Orang yang dekat dengan kemenangan yang mulia

5. DARIS TAMIM SADAD : Pelajar yang memiliki daya cipta yang sempurna dan bertindak tepat

6. DARU SYARIF FIRDAUS : Orang yg terhormat dan mulia memiliki tempat yang damai di surga

7. DARY MUHADZDZIB : Orang yang bijaksana dan memiliki akhlak terpuji

8. DHAWY TAJUDDIN SAFAR : Mahkota agama yang bersinar di bulan Safar

9. DHIRGHAM HAIDAR ARHAB : Singa pemberani yang berfikir tajam

10. DZAKIR KHAFADI : Penghafal Al-Qur’an yang memiliki daya ingat kuat

1. FAISAL KHALIL : Sahabat yang dapat dipercaya sebagai pemisah yang benar dan yang salah

2. FAITH SYUJA RUSYDI : Pemimpin pemberani yang menunjukan jalan yang lurus

3. FAIZ JUNAIDI : Tentara yang menang

4. FAKHRIE ZHAFRAN KHAIRY : Kebanggaan orang yang menang dalam kebaikan

5. FALAH ASSAHIB RAHMAT : Teman yang beruntung dan mendapat kasih sayang Allah

6. FAQIH KHAIRY RAHMAN : Ahli fiqih yang banyak memiliki kebaikan dan kasih sayang

7. FARID ATALLAH : Karunia Allah yang tidak ada bandingnya

8. FATHAN AL-MAISAN ZHAFAR : Bintang pembuka kemenangan

9. FAYI RIJAL SHABUHA : Laki-laki yang harum wajahnya berseri-seri

10. FIKRI NAKHLA RAFIE : Orang besar dan pandai yang memiliki cita-cita tinggi

1. GHAFAR ARIEF : anak laki-laki yang suka memaafkan dan bijaksana

2. GHALY SAAD RIFAI : Anak laki-laki yang berharga, bijaksana dan tinggi martabatnya

3. GHANY YAZID KHAIRY : Kekayaan yang semakin bertambah adalah kebaikan

4. GHAZALY DZAKIR : Daya ingat yang kuat secepat kijang

5. GHAZY GHALIBIE : Prajurit yang menang

6. GHUFRON SAJADI TAISIR : Anak laki-laki yang bersujud kepada Allah mendapat pengampunan dan kemudahan


1. HAIDAR ALMAIRI TSAQIB : Pangeranku yang pemberani dan cerdas

2. HAIDAR SAADI : Singa yang bijaksana

3. HAIL QURUNUL BAHRI : Mutiara laut yang luar biasa

4. HAMDANI KHAFIE NAJIH : Pujian yang tersembunyi sebagai anugerah sebuah petunjuk

5. HANIF ABBAD : Muslim yang teguh dan tekun beribadah

6. HARIS ATHA : Kerinduan adalah sebuah anugerah

7. HARUN ABDURRAHMAN : Semoga seperti Nabi Harun hamba dari Allah yang maha pengasih 

8. HAUZAN IRHAB NABIL : Manusia yang berfikir tajam dan terhormat

9. HAZIM ZHAFRAN : Orang yang menang adalah yang berkemauan keras

10. HELMI YAQDHAN : Orang yang sabar dan berakal dan selalu terjaga

1. IFAT AS-SYARIF : Orang yang terhormat dan mulia yang senantiasa menjaga diri

2. IHSAN JALALUDDIN : Kebajikan dan keluhuran agama

3. IKHWAN MARUF YAFIE : Laki-laki baik yang tinggi dan terhormat
4. ILHAM AYADI : Isyarat yang baik dari sesuatu yang dapat menguatkan

5. ILHAM GHALIB AHNAF : Anak laki-laki yang menjadi petunjuk kemenangan yang lurus

6. IMRAN MAMUN : Pemimpin yang dipercaya 

7. IQBAL ARKAB GHAFUR : Anak laki-laki yg sejahtera dan memiliki hati yg lapang serta suka memaafkan

8. IRFAN YUSRAN : anak laki-laki yang memiliki pengetahuan dan kekayaan

9. ISMAT YAQDHAN : Anak laki-laki yang terjaga kekuatannya untuk mejauhi maksiat

10. ISTADZ MUNIB : Guru yang berada di jalan Allah

1. JABAR ASYAMIE : Pemimpin mulia yang memiliki kekuatan dan kekuasan

2. JABIR FAKHRUDDIN : Pembaharu yang agung sebagai kebanggaan agama

3. JAFAR SHAFWAN FIRDAUS : Bagaikan sungai yang jernih di surga Firdaus

4. JALIL SYARIF FAWWAZI : Laki-laki terhormat yang memiliki kekuasaan besar dan keberuntungan

5. JAMAL JAWAHIR : Permata-permata yang indah

6. JAMALUDDIN FARID : Keindahan agama yang tidak ada bandingnya

7. JAMHURI TSAQIEB : Ilmuan yang cerdas

8. JAMIL ALAWI QODAMA : Semoga seperti keturunan Ali bin abi Thalib yang tampan dan pemberani

9. JAWAD KHALAF HUBBAN : Anak baik yang pemurah dan penuh cinta kasih 

10.JAWAHIR BARRAQ ASYRAF : Permata-permata yang lebih mulia dan berkilauan

1. KAMIL AHSAN EL-JUNDI : Prajurit yang sempurna kebaikannya

2. KAMIL MUHYIDDIN : Anak laki-laki yang sempurna menghidupkan agama

3. KAZHIM ZAINAL ARIEF : Orang yang dapat mengekang amarah, baik dan bijaksana

4. KHAFID NUMAN RIFAI : Laki-laki penghafal Al Qur’an sebagai anugerah hidup yang tinggi

5. KHALIL ZAYAN : Sahabat yang dapat dipercaya sangat elok wajahnya

6. KHALIQ JUNAIDI AKMAL : Pencipta prajurit yang lebih sempurna

7. KHALIQ NAJAMUDDIN ZUHDI : Bintang agama yang menciptakan kerendahan hati

8. KHASYI SALAHUDDIN : Laki-laki yang khusyu dalam sholat dan menegakkan tiang agama

9. KHATAM LAAL BARRAQIE : Cincin intan berwarna merah yang berkilauan

10. KHIAR KHATAM RAMADHAN : Kebaikan yang diterima di penghujung bulan Ramadhan

1. LAMYA NAJMU ADDIEN : Laki-laki yang berkilau bagaikan bintang agama

2. LATHIEF AKMAL EL-AZZAM : Laki-laki yang memiliki kelembutan dan kemauan kuat yang lebih sempurna

3. LUAY AKHDAN MAHFUDZ : Kekuatan seorang sahabat yang terpelihara 

4. LUQMAN HAKIM AYYASI : Mudah mudahan seperti Luqman yang bijaksana dan berumur panjang

5. LUTHFIE SAKHI ZAIDAN : Laki-laki lembut yang murah hati dan memiliki banyak kelebihan

1. MAHBUB JUNAIDI : Prajurit yang dicintai

2. MAJDI BADRANI : Kemuliaan dua bulan purnama

3. MAJID FAKHRUDDIN : Anak laki-laki yang berbudi luhur yang merupakan kebanggaan agama

4. MALKA SYARIEF FIRDAUS : Tempat bertemunya orang yang mulia dan terhormat adalah di surga Firdaus

5. MIRZA UKAIL : Anak laki-laki yang baik dan pandai

6. MUHSIN TAMAM : Laki-laki yang berbuat kebaikan dengan sempurna

7. MUNADHIL ISMAN HALIM : Suami setia yang menolong dengan penuh kelembutan dan kesabaran

1. NABIHAN KHALIQ : Anak laki-laki yang mulia dan kreatif

2. NABIL FAYADH : Anak laki-laki yang cerdik dan murah hati

3. NAJDAT ALTAMIS : Panglima yang pemberani

4. NAUFAL AFKAR : Anak laki-laki yang dermawan dan bijak

5. NAWAF SYIHABUDDIN YAFIQ : Bintang Agama yang tinggi dan mulia

6. NAZRAN SAADUDDIN : Visi agama yang membahagiakan

7. NIYAZ KHALIL : Harapan dari seorang sahabat

8. NURHAN AFKAR FADHIL : Cahaya raja yang bijak dan utama

9. NUWAIR BADRUN : Anak laki-laki yang bagaikan cahaya bulan purnama

1. QAID JAMAIL : Panglima perang yang tampan

2. QARY AHNAF : Pembaca Al-Qur’an yang memiliki keteguhan iman yang lebih

3. QINDI IZZATUL MUNAWWIR : Pelita kemuliaan yang bersinar

4. QOWIYYAN AMIN : Ank laki-laki yang kuat dan terpercaya

5. QUTHBIE ZAYAN : Pemimipin yang sangat elok wajahnya

1. RAFIQI HAMLAN : Sahabat yang mandiri

2. RAID KHADIM SHALIHAN : Pemimpin sukarelawan yang baik

3. RAIF ANAQIE : Sang penyayang yang indah menawan hati

4. RAIHAN MAWARDI KHALIS : Air mawarku yang wangi dan suci

5. RAMADHAN AHNAF : Bulan Ramadhan yang penuh dengan keteguhan iman

6. RAZIQ HANAN : Anak laki-laki yang murah rizeki dan dikasihi Allah

7. RIFQIE NADIM UKAIL : Sahabat yang lemah lembut dan pintar

8. RIYAD JINAN FAYI : Taman Surga yang wangi

9. RIYADH HAFIZH : Taman yang terpelihara

10. RUZAIN ANWAR : Tempat yang tentram dan bercahaya

1. SABIQ EL-FATHIN : Anak laki-laki cerdas yang terdepan

2. SABQIE HAMZAH AZIB : Keutamaanku adalah kebijaksanaan dan kesabaran

3. SAFARAZ AKMA FADHIL : Anak laki-laki yang terhormat sebagai pemimpin yang mulia

4. SAFWAN HASNAWI : Anak laki-laki dari keturunan mulia yang bersih dan penuh keikhlasan

5. SAHLAN IMRAN JAZLI : Anak laki-laki yang memiliki kemudahan budi bahasa dan fasih

6. SAID KHAIRUL IKHWAN : Anak laki-laki yang bahagia adalah saudara yang baik

7. SAIFUL HADZIQ AFIF : Anak laki yang memiliki kecerdasan yang tajam dan senantiasa menjaga kesucian diri

8. SAIFULLAH MUHAIMIN : Pedang Allah yang menjaga dan memelihara

9. SAKHI KAFIL HUSAIN : Majikan yang murah hati dan baik

10. SHALAHUDDIN WADI : Kebaikan agama yang menentramkan

1. TAHFIZ ILMAN KHATAB : Ahli pidato yang hafal akan ilmu

2. TAHSIN AGHA AFKAR : Anak laki-laki pemimpin yang mampu melakukan perubahan kebijakan

3. THARIQ ANWAR KARIM : Bintang fajar yang memancarkan cahaya kemuliaan

4. TSABIT HASNAIN HAMLAN : Dua kebaikan yang kokoh dan berdiri sendiri

5. TSAMIN FARID ADDIN : Permata agama yang sangat bernilai

6. TSANY ASMAR BANU : Putra kedua yang hitam manis

7. TUFAIL HARIRI JADID : Kain suteraku yang lembut dan baik

1. UKASYA ALIF : Laba-laba yang lembut dan ramah

2. ULWAN ASSYAKUR FAWWAZ : Anak laki-laki yang memiliki rasa syukur yang tinggi akan selalu beruntung

3. UMAR MUSLIM FAWWAZ : Pemimpin muslim yang selalu beruntung

4. UMRAN SAID FAUZAN : Anak laki-laki yang tumbuh dengan penuh kebahagiaan dan kemenangan

5. USAID DAFFA NAJID : Singa kecil penjaga yang gagah berani

6. USYAIR FAHMI AHSAN : Suami yang pengertian dan baik hati

1. WABIL TAMAM ASSADIQ : Anak laki-laki pemurah yang sempurna dan tulus dalam setiap ucapannya

2. WAFRIE BANU AKMAL : Kekayaanku adalah anak yang sempurna

3. WAHAB ABDULLAH NAFI : Pemberian Hamba Allah yang bermanfaat

4. WAHID HUMAM HABIBIE : Singa pertama kesayanganku

5. WAHNAN AMIN : Anak laki-laki yang mudah untuk dipercaya

6. WALI ADDIN KHALID : Pembela agama yang setia

7. WALID RIJAL SABAT : Anak laki-laki yang dilahirkan di hari ke tujuh

8. WALIDAN AMIN : Anak laki-laki yang dapat dipercaya

9. WARDIE MABKHUT : Bunga mawarku yang penuh dengan keberuntungan

10. WASHIF EL-HAMAM : Anak laki-laki yang memiliki karakter yang unik dan ambisi yang kuat

11. WAZIFUL KHALIL : Anak laki-laki kesayangan yang tekun dan gigih

12. WAZNI HAKAM : Haikim bijaksana yang menimbang secara adil

1. YAALA FARID BAHAR : Kemuliaan batu permata yang berkilau

2. YAFIQ ANNADIM RAFIF : Pendamping yang mulia dan berakhlak baik

3 YAQDHAN RAKHA ASSAID : Anak laki-laki waspada yang memiliki kehidupan yang enak dan bahagia

4. YASYKUR ARIEF : Anak laki-laki yang pandai bersyukur dan bijaksana

5. YAZDAN SHAHIB RAKI : Belas kasih sahabat yang menundukkan kepala

6. YAZID SYARIEF UMRAN : Anak laki-laki yang bertambah mulia dan makmur

1. ZAHRAN SHABIR : Indahnya kesabaran

Anak laki-laki yang bangga dan bahagian menjadi muslim

3. ZAMIL SAIDAN KHALID : Orang yang berjalan cepat menuju kebahagiaan yang kekal

4. ZIKRIE YAZID BARA : Zikirku yang menambah ketaatan

5. ZUBAIR MALIK ANNAJMI : Raja bintang yang gagah perkasa

6. ZULFADHLI FAYYADH : Anak laki-laki dermawan yang mempunyai banyak kelebihan

7. ZULFAN AZHAR RAIHAN : Taman yang penuh bunga-bunga mewangi

8. ZULMI IKHWAN KHAIRI : Anak laki-laki yang sabar dan sopan adalah saudara yang baik  

Itulah Kumpulan Nama Nama Bayi Islami Laki Laki Modern Lengkap Dengan Artinya dari A sampai Z yang dapat kami sajikan untuk anda.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Kata-Kata Ucapan Selamat Berbuka Puasa

Bulan puasa bulan yang penuh hikmah sehingga amal ibadah yang kita jalankan akan dilipat gandakan pahalanya oleh Alloh S.W.T untuk itu kita sebagai sesama muslim yang lagi menjalankan ibadah puasa tidak salahnya berbagi kebahagiaan misal dengan cara saling mengirimkan Kata-Kata Ucapan Selamat Berbuka Puasa kepada sahabat,teman ataupun keluarga jauh bisa melalui sms,bbm,google+ atau media sosial seperti facebook,twitter dan lain-lain.

Setelah menahan lapar dan dahaga seharian tentunya waktu yang ditunggu tungu oleh kita adalah saat adzan maghrib berkumandang sehingga kegembiraan pun tiba,nah untuk itu tidak ada salahnya kita berbagi kegembiraan dengan cara berbagi Kata-Kata Ucapan Selamat Berbuka Puasa dengan teman teman.

Berikut Kata-Kata Ucapan Selamat Berbuka Puasa yang dapat kami sajikan untuk anda semoga saja bermanfaat dan menjadi kebaikan untuk kita semua.Aamiin......

Merdunya lantunan adzan yang bekumandang dari kejauhan,dengan senyum yang penuh kebahagiaan,ku ucapkan selamat berbuka puasa teman-teman.

Hargai waktu dengan cara memperbanyak ibadah,seperti kita menghargai adzan maghrib di bulan ramadhan ini,Selamat Berbuka Puasa.

Allahumma lakasumtu wabika amantu, Seharian lamanya menahan lapar dan dahaga,
dan seharian telah menahan nafsu ujian dunia,
telah tiba saat yang di nanti nanti, selamat berbuka puasa.

Walau jarak yang jauh telah memisahkan kita, namun aku tidak galau dan gundah,
karena aku masih bisa mengucapkan selamat berbuaka puasa, semoga puasanya di terima Aamiin.

Beduk telah di tabuh, azan maghrib akan segera berkumandang, mari kita laksanakan ibadah yang di nantikan,
selamat berbuka puasa, dan usahakan memilih makanan yang di sunnahkan Oleh rasulullah.

Selamat berbuka puasa untuk orang ganteng dan cantik,,,!
heehh,,kamu tu kalo gak ngerasa ganteng/cantik
cepetan buka puasa sana!!!!
jangan baca sms mulu
met berbuka puasa ya sobat,,, he he he

Perut melilit seharian menahan lapar, air liur menetes didongkrak nafsu.
Untung di sampingku ada kekasih yang bisa menemaniku untuk menahan lapar dan nafsu.
Mari kita berbuka puasa.

Di swalayan beli buah-buahan, ada buah semangka dan kurma,
bersama senyum manis aku ucapkan. Selamat berbuka puasa.

Bikin kolak pake buah pisang,janagan lupa taruh santan dan pemanis , buatmu yang manis. Selamat berbuka puasa.

Setiap malam bagaikan malam beribu bintang bila kamu disini untuk sekedar menemani wangi yang slalu tersaji di satu sisi
Selamat buka puasa.

Kata-Kata Ucapan Selamat Berbuka Puasa diatas mungkin bisa kita gunakan untuk kita berbagi dengan teman teman dan semoga saja ada manfaatnya.

Learn About Viral Marketing

Well viral Marketing works on pretty much the same basics except it won't harm any ones computer or still private information.
Viral Marketing starts by sending out information about a service or product in which the originator want you to buy or entice you to but so that they can make a profit this information can come in many different formats from Text, Audio, Images, Video or any other format the originator wishes to display and sell their product or service.

Viral Marketing has been around for some time now but has exploded recently some reasons for this would be the increase in broadband speeds giving people to ability to interconnect using different types of media including Email, Forms, Message Boards, Chat Rooms and most importantly Social Networking.
Social networking is like word of mouth and anyone who has worked in any type of marketing knows that word of mouth has to be one of the best types of advertising there is.

One type of viral Marketing that we have we have all seen at this stage is Viral emails to some people this can get very annoying because of the amount of unsolicited email that are clogging up their inbox but to me or you that have proven to be a very profitable niche.

This is so popular with people trying to sell products because they usually build up such a Hugh email list through opt in pages that they can keep their subscribers up to date with their new products or try different methods and approaches to swing their subscriber to buy products which they might have been selling from the start of their campaign.

I hope you now have a good understanding of Viral Marketing. If you are interested in this or creating viral ebooks you can find a lot more Free information here website
Best of luck Steven

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Pantun Cinta Romantis Lucu

Pantun merupakan sebuah puisi lama dan sudah ada sejak jaman dahulu yang juga termasuk ciri khas masyarakat kita,memang pantun sendiri ada banyak jenisnya,di sini kami tidak akan panjang lebar menjelaskan soal pantun karena pasti sudah pada mengetahuinya,untuk kali ini kami akan coba sajikan Pantun Cinta Romantis Lucu yang mana saat ini lagi populer populer karena banyak di tayangkan ditelevisi termasuk pantun yang akan kami sajikan ini.

Nah untuk pantun cinta kali ini merupakan pantun cinta yang pasti sudah kita dengar ditelevisi khususnya para pecinta Pesbukers yang tayang di antv dan pastilah sudah sangat mengenal Bang Sapri yang sangat jago berpantun,berikut kumpulan pantun cinta romantis yang sangat lucu yang dapat kami sajikan:

Beli buku sama ani
Lebih murah beli margarin
Bagiku malam ini
Tak seindah malam kemarin

Beli paku sama si Ratu
Beli jamu sama si Anya
Cintaku cukup satu
Untuk kamu selamanya

Menulis Buku diakhir Tahun
Bersandarkan sebuah Kayu
Cintaku ibarat Daun
Yang tak akan pernah Layu

Naik Onta lihat Pemandangan
Makan Bubur ditambah Cuka
Biarlah Cinta dan Kenangan
Kan Terkubur bersama Luka

Ke pasar Kemang membeli kurma
Duduk dipangku ama bang Tohir
Jika memang dia Pertama
Jadikan aku yang Terakhir

Ucok baba main dilahan
Ayamnya mati karena mengais
Ku coba untuk tetap bertahan
Walaupun hati kian menangis

Mengolah jamu pake belati
Dicampur kentang dari lahanku
Cobalah kamu untuk mengerti
Sedikit tentang perasaanku

Kue cucur dari sang Dewa
Kue lumpia dari bang Tohir
Jujur aku kecewa
bila semua harus berakhir

Lama Berpisah dengan si Rita
Teringat Dia didalam Angan
Indahnya kisah Antara Kita
Kini Hanya tinggal Kenangan

Itulah pantun cinta romantis lucu yang merupakan pantun dari sang jagoan pantun ditelevisi alias sapri pesbukers.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Are Top Web Sites Good For Everybody

Sites on these lists are ranked in order of "votes" - the site that gets voted most gets the top place, the site that gets the 2nd biggest amount of votes gets the second place and so on. The voting system is simple; each top web site member places a link back to the top web site on his site and for each visitor that clicks the link, the site gets one vote.

What Are The Top Web Sites?

It's a links site, that ranks member's sites by the amount of traffic they send in. They usually rank a list of the top 10 - 100 sites focused around a common topic, for example health, business, music etc.

The sites on these lists are ranked in order of "votes" - or referrers. The top referrers get one banner of theirs listed free of charge, in the top web sites section.

The top web sites have three common areas:

* The Index: that's the actual list of sites ordered by hits in
* The Sign up and Login page, where webmasters add their sites, modify setting and view stats
* The Enter page. Some top web sites have gateway pages in order to protect themselves from cheating.

In order to generate votes, each top web site's member places a link back to the top web site on his web site, and every time one of his visitors clicks over that link, he gets one vote. The more votes he gets, the better his position will be on the top web sites list.

The site that gets voted most gets the top place, the site that gets the 2nd biggest amount of votes gets the second place and so on.

Obviously, most of the traffic that goes to the top web sites pages, go to the high ranking sites, although some of the lower-ranking ones can also get a reasonable share. And the top web sites pages get traffic through the voting system, so everybody gets more traffic.

Top web site lists are then very similar to the reciprocal links exchanges; but with an important difference, at the top web sites lists, there is a "middleman" and you can't really tell with which sites you're exchanging traffic with.

The main system utilized for requesting the "votes" to the top web site is usually a picture, and this could be a real problem. If the link picture is too big or you put in a too prominent place, your site might look unprofessional. If you use a small link picture, then you might not get the votes you need to rise on the list because people might miss it.

Top web site lists allow you to automate the link exchange and distribute traffic between participating sites according to the traffic they send in. And they increase the traffic to your web site for free.

But as always the big question is: Do top web sites work?

Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don't, it all depends on the quality of the top web site in question.

How Should You Chose A Top Web Site?

* Look for one that doesn't have any pop-up windows
* It must have a lot of sites closely related to the subject of your site
* It must have it's own domain
* Monitor the traffic you're sending to the list and the traffic you're getting from it. If you send more than you receive, resign and find another topsite or other promotion method. On "How to Sell on The Web" you can find dozens of ways to get traffic to your web site.

How To Find Your Top Web Site

* Look for sites dealing with the same subject as you. They might even already be a member of a related top site
* Look for "top site" "top web site" or "topsite" at the Search engines

* Browse the topsite list directory: www dot topsitelists dot com/directory/

Once you chose the top web site that you like, just fill out the form and your site will be ready to be visited. Then you will have to ad to your place the HTML script that the top web site will give you. This script is the one that will allow your visitors to vote from your site.

Are Top Web Sites Good For Everybody?

No, they aren't... If you have a content web site, who's objective is to provide resources to your visitors, then including your site in a a top web site's list could be a good idea.

If you have created an awesome site to sell products or services, and give the people the opportunity to vote for your site; they might get so enthusiastic with the good content of your site, that they decide to vote for you, so they click on the voting button and...! They jump to the top web sites page, and your sale is lost!

What Can You Expect From A Top Web Site?

To have a high ranking in a very visited top web site list can be very good for you, because it will increase your site's traffic, and traffic means sales, and the opportunity to sell advertising space.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Top Residential Apartments Provider in Lucknow

Lucknow real estate now generates a massive amount of interest. There are many reasons that can be given to prove so. In earlier times, the demand for real estate was negligibly low, but in the past few years, the city has developed at a breakneck speed as more and more people access it each year on a regular basis ushering an ever encompassing change in the scenery of Lucknow real estate.

Lucknow also comprises of world class institutions such as Indian Institute of Management and Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia National Law University among others. People from across the nation get admitted to these institutions. The influx of more and more students creates the need for residential homes. These institutions have played a significant role in property boom happening in Lucknow. Another big advantage that Lucknow possesses is its shopping centers located at Aminabad and Hazratganj. These attract a lot of visitors given the wide range of items sold there. Also, being the administrative capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow has undergone a lot of development in the past few years, thereby attracting property buyers in droves. The top builders in Uttar Pradesh have welcomed this demand by developing and planning a plethora of housing projects that will construct hundreds and thousands of residential apartments in Lucknow every year in the years to come.

The Lucknow Municipal Corporation works hard to play its part and keep the city clean and work on its infrastructure. The city's authorities have been working on the infrastructure in the suburban areas in particular in the past few years. This is because, the city centre, areas like Chowk and Hazratganj are very congested and there is very little scope for further development there. So, the focus has shifted to suburban areas, and all the hard work put in by the municipal corporation seems to have paid off.

Many top developers in Uttar Pradesh are now acquiring plots on the outskirts and the suburban areas in the city to cater to the demand of residential apartments in Lucknow. Some of the bigger projects are taking place in areas near Rae Bareilly and other such suburban areas.

These real estate companies offer state of the art facilities and infrastructure in stylishly designed homes at affordable prices. One of the bigger developers in Lucknow real estate market is Paarth Infra, which has projects coming up all across the city.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

montre rolex homme The Tiffany Pearl is the jot name of Tiffany & Co which deals with always accesso

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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

What you need to know for Dakine Sentry Backpack, 24-Liter, Terrain

Dakine Sentry Backpack, 24-Liter, Terrain

Dakine Sentry Backpack, 24-Liter, Terrain

Dakine Sentry Backpack- In Hawaiian slang, "Da Kine" means the best and the company has lived up to this standard through attention to detail, focus on accessories and a notoriously thorough design process.

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Padded laptop sleeve fits most 15" laptops
Fleece lined phone pocket
Padded bottom panel

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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Kumpulan Foto Biodata Dan Profil Aliando Lengkap

Aktor ganteng yang satu ini memang lagi di gandrungi para remaja terutama para wanita abg yang mungkin karena kegantengannya sehingga mereka sangat mengidolakan Aliando.dalam dunia hiburan televisi Aliando sendiri merupakan aktris pendatang baru khususnya di dunia sinetron indonesia.

Aktris yang memiliki nama lengkap Muhammad Ali Syarief ini merupakan artis keturunan,memiliki darah Arab dari ayahnya dan Indonesia dari ibunya,sehingga Aliando memiliki wajah yang ganteng dan enak dipandang oleh mata .

Nah untuk itu mumpung Aliando lagi digandrungi disini kami akan coba berikan Kumpulan Foto Biodata Dan Profil Aliando Lengkap sehingga dapat memuaskan para fans Aliando yang juga punya sebutan alicious.berikut kita simak aja Foto dan Biodata Aliando:


Biodata Aliando
Nama Lengkap : Muhammad Ali Syarief
Nama Popular : Aliando
Lahir : Jakarta, Indonesia, 26 Oktober 1996
Agama : Islam
Pekerjaan : Aktor, penyanyi
Orangtua : Syarief Alkhatiri (ayah) dan Tengku Resi Revado (ibu)
Hoby : Main drum, sepakbola, menyanyi
Buku Favorite : Ensiklopedia
Jenis Music : Rock, Moderent Rock, Poprock, R&B, Jazz, Slow
Makanan Favorite : rendang, ayam gulai, roti, daging, pecel ayam
Minuman Favorite : es jeruk, jus alpukat, teh es, air putih
Favorite Games : Left 4 Dead, Call of Duty
Alamat : Jalan. Jati 3 Kayuringin Bekasi
Klub Sepakbola favorite: Internazionale Milan,Barcelona,Manchester United
Sekolah: TK Alhusna,SD Alhusna, SMP Martia Bakti
Twitter : @AlySyarief

  • Bara Bere
  • Ibrahim Anak Betawi
  • ABG Jadi Manten (Sudah Keluar)
  • Ganteng Ganteng Serigala (2014)


  • Cinta Monyet Di Kantin Sekolah
  • Komisi Pemberantasan Setan (KPS)
  • Petaka Homeschooling
  • 12:12
  • Headphone Suara Hati
  • Kukibarkan Benderaku
  • Yuk Kita Sekolah
  • Persada Langit Biru
  • Rama dan Shinta (indosiar)
  • Lolly love (TransTV)
  • Si Badil dan Blangkon Ajaib
  • Janji Hati (segera)
  • cinta monyet di kantin (sctv)
Semoga Kumpulan Foto Biodata Dan Profil Aliando Lengkap di atas dapat memuaskan para Alicious khususnya dan umumnya bagi kita para pecinta sinetron.