Sunday, 12 January 2014

Which Jeep Soft Top is Right for Your Jeep

There are many types of jeep soft tops they are bikini top is a popular type of soft top used especially in summer. The safari top is same as that of the bikini soft top but it's very large in size. The important thing with the safari jeep soft top is that even though the jeep is closed with the soft top you can still enjoy the outside feel air. The sun lighter top absorbs the sun's ultraviolet rays and protects the passengers from the sun the cloth is semitransparent and water resistant. This slightly allows the sun in but does not burn the people. Bikini top wind jammer or the duster combo has many options like the wind jammer decreases the force of wind entering into the jeep. You can store some items in the duster or else you can enjoy the summer with the help of the flip flop type of soft top. You have to purchase the jeep soft top from the reputed branded company and verify whether they provide the accessories along with the package. The replaceable parts must be available for all the companies so if you get any problem with the jeep soft top then you can easily replace the parts by yourself.


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