Sunday, 26 January 2014

What Companies Use Viral Marketing How Does Viral Marketing Work and the Top tips for How to Make an Online Marketing Video go Viral

Some examples of companies that use viral marketing in their online video marketing campaigns would be Audi, Nike, Coca Cola and most recently Old Spice. By now most of us have seen the hilarious Old Spice Marketing Campaigns about smelling like a man and not a lady!
So if you want a perfect example of what companies use viral marketing, look them up on youtube or just log into your facebook. Chances are you've seen them being passed around from friend to friend on Facebook, Twitter and even through your email.
But How Does Viral Marketing Work?

One of the best aspects of online video marketing is it's potential to go viral. For it to be so popular that it ends of spreading like wildfire! But how does that happen?
What is it about a video or commericial that causes it to go viral? How does viral marketing work? Well, the interesting thing about a truly effective Viral Online Video Marketing Campaign is that is just so unpredictable!
If you think about it, most of the most popular and viral videos that we see were never specifically scripted with the actual intent of going viral. Some of them were, but many of them just happened to go viral by accident. Purely because WE loved them! So one of the main common threads that you will notice is humor and originality!
So, How Does Viral Marketing Work then?

In general, for a video to go viral it has to be:
1. original
2. strange
3. or Funny!
Humor is a universal language that everyone can relate to!
But even if your video is funny that doesn't necessarily guarantee that your video will go viral. If you think about it, trying to create a guide or a template for making Viral Videos is like trying create a guide for how to win the lottery!!...yeah, I could basically tell you: If you don't play, you can't win! But that's about it... And it's pretty much the same with Viral video marketing.
Remember, Viral Marketing Videos are unpredictable...but that's part of what makes them so successful! Take the Old Spice Commercial for example...that went Viral on YouTube and on Facebook! And why?? Because it was original and hilarious!! So the common theme will usually either be clever originality, humor or both! Originality that is based on the current pop culture--what is big and popular RIGHT NOW! Or that is just so clever and smart that it will then just BECOME our pop culture!!
Viral Marketing Products and Learning how to Create a Truly Successful Viral Online Video Marketing Campaign:
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You will learn to be creative and how to stand out from the crowd, how to get your videos to rank really well on google and how to create the kind of clever but informative content that your audience is looking for!
So, go ahead, get out there and start getting your wheels turning-- get creative, let loose and create something we'll ALL want to watch!!
Next, see more of the tops tips for How does Viral Marketing Work and What Companies Use Viral Marketing!


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