Monday, 6 January 2014

The Home Stairlift For Dogs!

for your dog! For generations the pet that has always been referred to as a 'man's best friend' has always taken pride of place in the home, however this saying has now taken our obsession with dogs just one, small step further. It appears that dog owners have not been holding back on the doggy treats; unfortunately it appears that U.K dog owners are spoiling their pet pooches as many are now in danger of becoming morbidly obese, so much so that in recent months doggy stair lifts have been welcomed in to the stair lift industry; specialised equipment largely manufactured for the disabled and elderly.

It has recently been reported that almost 35% of dogs in the U.K. are now obese, this would average out to roughly 2.9 million dogs; a figure constantly climbing year on year. More and more dogs are being diagnosed with obesity due to owners' carelessness and neglect with regards to their pets' diets and simply failing to walk their dogs on a regular basis; walking several times a day can help dogs to remain fit and healthy.

Dog owners have confessed to regularly feeding their pet's unhealthy leftovers after meals, as well as offering them unnatural snacks such as crisps, chocolates and takeaways such as fish and chips.
The fact is that dog owners are far too attached to their dogs to simply say "no"; many are blinded by the dangers that such foods can cause to pets and feel the odd snack here and there cannot possibly do the pet any harm; how wrong they can be. The sad truth is that dogs are now being spoiled by their owners and treated more along the lines of children rather than pets; constantly pampered and evidently over indulging in food.

Dog owners are merely turning a blind eye to such issues; pet obesity levels are reaching an all-time high in the twenty first century; that's a fact. Many are failing to appreciate the high levels of pet obesity, resulting in ill health. It is simple; treat the pet as you perhaps would yourself.

Layers of fat puts added pressure on to the pet's limbs and their back in particular, leaving them unable to climb any staircases and struggle when walking up hill whether they are indoors or outdoors; enter stairlifts. Although the design is still in its prototype and manufacturing stages, the idea remains a popular one amongst designers in the industry.

The stairlift cost is estimated to come in at around the 5000 mark, manufacturers remain hopeful that the product will be taken on by many companies nationwide and developed further, forming a specialised market that will continue to grow further in the future. Designed to replica what can only be described as a new born baby's bath tub, the costly gadget comes complete with a start button on the base of the monitor fashioned in to the shape of a dogs paw so the pet is aware of its function. Upon making their way in to the tub shaped basket, the pet is raised a few feet up before being escorted up the staircase.

The design will no doubt come as a benefit to injured and elderly dogs who are simply wanting to be with their owners while upstairs; however marketing this as an aid and fitting a stairlift for obese pets is just an excuse for pet owners to take a laid approach to recognising and solving the problem appropriately, with failing to have the dogs best interest at heart.


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