Wednesday, 29 January 2014

How to Add Remove a Favorite in the IE 10 App

Accessing information about the topics, places, person, things, discoveries and other things is now just a click away. We have started using social networking websites, news, recipes, technical forums and other websites frequently. Only a few of us look at the physical newspapers these days.

The negligible use of physical newspapers clearly demonstrates that users love to read online rather than investing their whole morning in stretching their arms to read a lengthy news story.
You might feel that gadgets have occupied a prominent space in our lives, but still it's the Internet which keeps us informed, entertained and engaged through various means and devices. Wide access to the Internet has changed the way people cook, play, watch, listen, and enjoy.

You may visit a number of websites every day, but have you ever thought that adding a website to your favorite may help you access it more quickly and easily. If you save your frequently visited websites as favorites in Internet Explorer, you can not only maintain a track of the websites that you visit frequently but it will also save your valuable time.

Offering you high comfort ability and quicker access, the Internet Explorer allows you to view, add, remove, and organize your favorites from both the address bar and the traditional favorites list.
Steps to add a favorite in the Internet Explorer 10 App
Step1. Go to the Internet Explorer 10 Metro (Windows UI) from the Start screen and open the website that you want to add to your Favorites.

Step2. Press and hold the 'Windows' + Z keys or right-click on an empty space on the browser. You can also swipe up from the bottom of your touch screen device to add favorites into your IE browser.
Step3. Look at the right of the address bar and click/tap on the 'Pin site' button. Choose to click/tap on 'Add to favorites' button to enlist a particular website into the list of favorites.

Steps to remove a favorite in the Internet Explorer 10 App
Step1. Open Internet Explorer 10 Metro (Windows UI) from the Start screen and perform any one of the following:
a) Press the 'F4' key
b) Press the 'Windows + Z' keys and click/tap in the address bar
c) Right-click on an empty area in IE10 Metro and click/tap in the address bar

d) Swipe up from the bottom of your touch screen and click/tap in the address bar
Step2. Now, scroll the screen from left to right until you find the favorite you want to remove. Once, you find the same, right-click on the favorite and click/tap on 'Remove' button.
Internet Explorer 10 Favorites serve as links to those websites that a user visits frequently. You can easily add a website to your favorites list to save your time and effort, when you try to open that link again in future. A favorite allows you to go to the site by simply clicking on its name, instead of searching by using a search engine or typing its full address in the address bar.

You can also save your favorite permanently by pressing 'CTRL+D.' Hope these handy tips will help you add or remove favorites to your lists easily!


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