Thursday, 2 January 2014

Glass Top Dining Table - Best Dining Room Furniture

Everyday we need dining table to serve our meal. Dining table comes in different designs, shapes and quality. Generally a dining table comprises of a flat top with four table legs. The table top is made of several materials like glass, wood and marble.


Glass top dining table is the favorite piece of furniture in a modern dining room. It is used to serve meal. They are also the most practical dining room furniture. They can compliment well with other furniture inside your dining room.

Usage Of Glass Top Dining Table

Glass top dining table comes in different design and size. However the most popular one is still the country style and contemporary design. The unique design provides the sophisticated look to the table. Thus, it also helps to decorate your dining room.

Shape Of Glass Top Dining Table

You can find several shapes and sizes of glass top dining table in furniture shop. This include the round glass top dining table, oval glass top dining table and square glass top dining table. However people still prefer to go for rectangular shape of glass top dining table. The main reason is the table provides more space to put your items.

Glass Top Dining Table - Glass Top

Glass top and table base are two main structure of glass dining room table. Glass top especially, make the whole table looks different and outstanding. Basically, furniture developer used clear or gloss shredded glass as the table top. The beautiful glass top make the whole table looks luxury and elegance.

Table Base

A quality glass top dining table should supported by quality table base. Generally the table bases are made from materials like wood, rattan and wrought iron. Table base plays an important role in the overall structure of the table. They help to support the overall weight of the table.


You can get a good quality glass top dining table everywhere. However most of them are expensive. They can cost you up to few thousand dollars. Thus be alert when you choose a glass top dining table. Compare their price and quality before you made the purchase.


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